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C Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH
Wednesday, September 04, 2019
C Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH

This sweet boy was born ten weeks early and came to see me at 8 weeks old. This is a lot "older" than I typically see newborns, but his adjusted age was still only "two weeks early" by the time I saw him so he was still just like having a newborn even though he was a little older. He was still teeny tiny, but had grown so much since he was born at 2 lbs. 14 ozs. The pride was written all over his Papa's  face and Mama had some of the sweetest feedback I have ever heard, "You deserve the stars!! Your gift is such a blessing You actually capture the smallest memories and allow us the opportunity to gaze forever. {This is} exactly how your made me feel during our session!!!" Enjoy ...

G Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland
Friday, August 30, 2019
C Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH

Sometimes life really surprises you and this sweet family is anxiously waiting the arrival of twins girls!! Like any other curveball life has thrown them they have caught it and taken it with stride prepping and preparing as best as possible. They joy they get from each other as a family is overflowing and contagious and I can only assume that twins will be double the exhaustion, but also double the joy in the long game.  

Nickel - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, August 06, 2019
C Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH

When I first talked to Kaitie about maternity pictures she really wasn't interested and even though I loved being pregnant, I love other people being pregnant, I can totally respect that not everyone feels exactly that same way. I know that we don't feel ourselves or look ourselves, the future is suddenly uncertain and exciting, but also unknown, which can be so scary. I started thinking about the mama's I come across that don't want maternity sessions for one reason or another and then started down the road of thinking about motherhood in general. I approached Kaitie again and asked what if her session wasn't focused around her and being pregnant, but about Kit. The first, the baby that ...

H Family - Family Session - Cleveland, OH
Sunday, July 21, 2019
C Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH

The fog in this session was so Cleveland; it reminded me of how this city has grit, attitude and a mind of its own. We are often at mercy of the lake with the winds, rains, blizzards (and in this case fog) that it brings to the city, just like as parents we are at the mercy of our toddlers. The H family had pretty specific requests when they reached out to me about updating a wall gallery in their home, but of course, as is the way with toddlers, they have a mind of their own. On my way to the lake for their session I saw the fog and knew it wasn't what they originally had in mind for a glowy, golden hour session. I contacted them to let them know of the weather conditions, but they were ...

Baby K - Sitter Session - Cleveland, OH
Thursday, June 20, 2019
C Family - Maternity Session - Cleveland, OH

This little joy was in front of my camera again for a sitter session! His smile and his big blue eyes are so captivating. He loved the most splashing about and trying oranges for the first time! He was in the most perfect developmental phase for a sitter session where he could sit on his own, but couldn't really get away from us yet. Sitter sessions are perfect for capturing some of the milestones that happen between newborn photos and one year photos. So the best time to schedule a sitter session is typically between 6-8 months when baby is sitting on their own, but hasn't started moving too independently yet. Of course, if this timing doesn't work for you I have done sitter sessions were ...