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Ashley & Hudson - Jupiter, FL - Breastfeeding Session
Sunday, May 17, 2015
Ashley & Hudson  -  Jupiter, FL  - Breastfeeding Session

It was a pleasure to photograph Ashley and Hudson again. I photographed Hudson's newborn session nearly a year ago so I was excited for a follow-up breastfeeding session. I am so inspired by this mother who has been breastfeeding her baby boy for a full year. I admire her time commitment and her commitment to nurishing a healthy baby. Get ready for some sweetness! 

Korie & Harlow - Indianapolis, IN - Breastfeeding Session
Monday, May 04, 2015
Ashley & Hudson  -  Jupiter, FL  - Breastfeeding Session

Another successful breastfeeding session on the books. I have known Korie for years and years and I was so excited to meet up with her and be able to photographer her and her little one! These are officially becoming my favorite sessions to shoot. It is unexplainable how precious, tiring, trying, touching, emotion, challenging and triumphing the simple act of feeding your child can be. I love spending this time with these mom's and their babies and hearing about each story and what breastfeeding has meant to them. These are moments, that shortly, they will barely be able to remember, but will now always have in a photograph.

Lauren & Mila - West Palm Beach, FL - Breastfeeding Session
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Ashley & Hudson  -  Jupiter, FL  - Breastfeeding Session

I have been wanting to start shooting breastfeeding sessions since I decided that I wanted to focus on photographing maternity, newborn and babies thru one year. To Lauren, breastfeeinding is such a beautiful bonding experience that gives her the ability to nourish her baby girl and fulfill her needs with her own body. Lauren was kind enough to let me share a few of the less intimate photos from her session this week. At the end of the session she mentioned that Mila had just found her feet so I grabbed a few shots to document this adorbale milestone! And if you know me, you know I couldn't leave without snapping a photo or two of her furry family members:) Enjoy!