A Family - One Year Milestone Session - Cleveland, OH
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Monday, November 11, 2019
By Megan
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"How much has changed in the last year since these parents held this baby in their arms for the first time?" This always runs through my mind whenever I am photographing a one year milestone session. How many smiles have they seen? How many times have they lost sleeping wondering if they are doing the best they can? How many scraped knees or bumped heads trying to learn to walk? How many drooly, sloppy kisses have smattered their faces? How much have their hearts grown over the course of a year?


This little man was celebrating one year and so proud to be almost walking. By the time I saw him a few weeks later he was zooming around! His little smile was contagious and I just loved the drool that was dripping off his chin, so indicative of the teething he was experiencing and the specific age we were trying to document in this moment. 

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