Baby R - Newborn - Cleveland, OH
Monday, December 16, 2019
Baby R - Newborn - Cleveland, OH

I had my first little holiday baby last weekend! Little Baby R was so wide awake for much of his session, but as pleasant as can be. He was the most observant baby I have ever seen at his age and he clearly didn't want to miss a thing. I never have new baby's that are this awake and loved all his curious eyes in so many photos.  

A Family - One Year Milestone Session - Cleveland, OH
Monday, November 11, 2019
Baby R - Newborn - Cleveland, OH

"How much has changed in the last year since these parents held this baby in their arms for the first time?" This always runs through my mind whenever I am photographing a one year milestone session. How many smiles have they seen? How many times have they lost sleeping wondering if they are doing the best they can? How many scraped knees or bumped heads trying to learn to walk? How many drooly, sloppy kisses have smattered their faces? How much have their hearts grown over the course of a year? This little man was celebrating one year and so proud to be almost walking. By the time I saw him a few weeks later he was zooming around! His little smile was contagious and I just loved ...

G Family- Newborn Twin Session - Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Baby R - Newborn - Cleveland, OH

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family that grew by two! I had so much fun with this session picking out coordinating, yet unique looks and poses for each girl. I also tried to focus on their twin connection by doing little things like interlocking their fingers or pressing their little cheek up against the other's foot or leg like I imagine they were in the womb at one time.  

T Family - Family Session - Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, October 08, 2019
Baby R - Newborn - Cleveland, OH

This family came READY for some family photos. We laughed and chased and played so much during this session and came out with a TON of amazing candid and natural photos. I love that no two family sessions every look the same because love in every family looks a little different. Some families are funny, some are snuggly, some are serious or shy. Some are in a phase where they are really tired and some buckets are overflowing with joy from what life is serving up. I love meeting people wherever they are and trying to record them where they are at that moment. Looking back at photos of the good phases can give you hope or looking back at the tougher times can make you thankful it has ...

L Family - Family Session - Cleveland, OH
Monday, September 30, 2019
Baby R - Newborn - Cleveland, OH

Ever wondered how a stylist would style her family for a family session? Let me introduce to Nikki with Elan Styling. Nikki has a passion for vintage clothing, sustainable fashion, helping people figure out how they dress for their body and honing in on how to make style work for you every day. Nikki wanted two different looks- a comfy, cozy style for our lifestyle portion of her session and a glammed up vibe for our outdoor segment. Here's what she has to say about picking your clothes for your session, "Your clothes should make you feel like the best version of yourself. You should wear the thing you dream of wearing, but haven’t gotten a chance to yet. This is your ...