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My only fear I had before hiring you was that my baby would be fussy/crying the entire session and we wouldn't get the photos we wanted. However, you were awesome with Vincent. You worked your magic and in every situation when he started to be alert and awake and wanted you cry you were able to calm him down and get him right to sleep so that we could capture some sweet sleeping moments. I was very impressed with how patient you were. You always knew what to do and had a back up plan ready to go if your initial plan didn't work. My favorite part of the session was watching you put your talent to work. You really have a way with babies and just by observing you the entire session I can really see the passion you have for your work and that you love what you do. This is very comforting for a client to see the photographer put in 110% so they can produce great quality work for their clients and please them in every way possible! -Jen

Our photos are ALL beautiful – thank you so much!! -Courtney

Megan is willing to go the extra mile to get a good shot! She did an amazing job with telling me how to pose to make the most of every picture. -Holly

We've used Megan as our photographer for several occasions. Not only is she incredibly talented and professional, but she's also great at making you feel comfortable and giving direction. She is genuinely interested in knowing your vision for the shoot and making it happen in the best way possible. Thank you, Megan, for all of the beautiful pictures and memories captured. -Sarah

We've had the pleasure of working with Megan on several occasions. Megan delivers the perfect mix of professionalism with a relaxed feel. She provided direction when needed while giving us the freedom to have fun with our poses. She was patient, creative, and her attention to detail is evident in the finished product. We will cherish our photos for years to come. Thank you, Megan! -Jon

Megan is AMAZING at capturing the moments in an artistic way and is a great listener about the style you are looking to go with. She does her best to give you exactly what you want. She also makes you feel extremely comfortable during the shoot, so you never have to worry about feeling awkward! Her work is absolutely fabulous. -Sarah